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The Sandbox was designed to be a one-stop financial education toolbox for students, accessible anywhere and at any time. The open access platform includes a real-time financial securities trading simulator, a consolidated real-time News Feed of articles from various financial media outlets, on-demand financial statements, and other data extraction tools that could previously only be accessed by students in-person at the BMO Finance Lab at the Rotman School of Management.


The Rotman Commerce FinTech Association (RCFTA) is an undergraduate interest group at the University of Toronto. Our mission is to educate students on the growing relevance of technology in finance by providing hands-on learning opportunities to enhance technical and soft skills through workshops and case competitions. The Research Portfolio within RCFTA is an interdisciplinary portfolio comprised of Commerce and Computer Science students. It is devoted to finding innovative ways to expose students to the world of finance and economics.

Terms of Use

The Rotman Commerce FinTech Association reserves the right to remove any users from the platform for unacceptable usage. Unacceptable use includes any form of platform manipulation, attempts to export or scrape data without the express consent of the Association, and any other form of unusual behaviour.

These data, figures, and other sources of information on the Sandbox platform are approximate and provided for informational purposes only. The Rotman Commerce FinTech Association does not make any guarantees, representations or warranties as to, and shall have no liability for, the timeliness, truthfulness, sequence, quality, completeness, accuracy, validity or freedom from interruption of any information or data on the Sandbox Website. The content on the Sandbox Website is not to be construed as a recommendation or offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security, financial product or instrument; or to participate in any particular trading strategy.

To the extent research materials or similar information is available through the Sandbox Website understand that these materials are intended for informational and educational purposes only and they do not constitute a recommendation to enter into any securities transactions or to engage in any investment strategies.

By viewing or using this data or information in any manner, you understand and acknowledge that such information does not reflect trading activity on any financial markets and is intended to provide you with a reference point only, rather than as a basis for making trading decisions.

đź“š Documentation

If you're confused about how to use a particular portion of the Sandbox terminal, having issues accessing your account, or curious about the specifics of how we calculate performance & other key metrics, check out our documentation!

Of course, you might not find what you're looking for right away. If your issue hasn't been addressed yet, send us a message using the chat blurb on the Sandbox terminal and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


RC Open workshops are designed to introduce you to basic concepts in portfolio management and trading, and take place once a week - on Sundays from 4PM - 6PM EST!

If you aren't able to attend these regularly scheduled workshops, or if you'd like to review a particular section of a past session, you can review the recordings here!

Link to Closing Ceremony:

Sandbox Fundamentals

This workshop will provide an overview of the Sandbox and some tips & tricks which will help improve your trading performance on the platform.

We will also be reviewing competition details and the performance evaluation techniques that we use to assess outstanding competitor portfolios.

Introduction to Finance & Accounting

Sunday, August 9th, 4PM - 6PM

This workshop will provide you with an overview of tools used in fundamental and technical analysis while giving you a detailed overview of the central 3 financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement).

We will also touch upon some basic concepts in modern capital markets to provide you with a solid grasp of financial concepts that will prove crucial moving forward in this competition and program.

Economics Students' Association x RC FinTech

Online Trading Competition

February 21st, 2021 - March 21st, 2021
Registration Cost: FREE

Interested in learning about the stock market, and how to navigate today's volatile economic environment?

The ESA x RCFTA Online Trading Competition is a month-long trading competition that will test your ability to navigate today's volatile stock markets in real time! Students can compete individually or in teams (max: 3) with top performing teams earning prizes!

Registration is open to all U of T students and will allow students to trade risk-free, using RCFTA's new trading and research platform, Sandbox. Please use the form on the right to register, and send all inquiries and questions to!

Eligible Ticker List

A list of all of the equities that you'll be able to trade.
Don't bother counting - there's 7378 of them.

Report An Issue

Please fill out the form below if you've encountered an issue with the Sandbox platform that you'd like to report.

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Get Started

To gain access to the Sandbox and all affiliated events and competitions, please fill in the form below. We'll get back to you within three business days.

Registration closes on July 31st at 11:59PM. Spots are limited to 150 first-year students.

The RC Open is a month-long, guided trading competition hosted by the Rotman Commerce FinTech Association that will test your ability to navigate today's volatile stock markets in real time! The event is exclusive to incoming first-year Rotman Commerce students and will allow students to trade risk-free, using RCFTA's new trading and research platform, Sandbox. Top performing teams will receive $500 in total cash prizes, based on risk-adjusted cumulative portfolio returns!

This event will be limited to 150 incoming first-year students. Competitors will be invited to participate in weekly guidance sessions with upper-year mentors as well as interactive finance workshops. These additional opportunities will focus on developing each participant’s basic financial markets knowledge, valuation fundamentals, and will provide more information about RCFTA’s intern program. Apply now to secure your position in this year's summer competition as slots will be allocated on a first come first serve basis!

In order to provide wider access to Rotman Commerce students, this competition is completely free! You can register individually or as a team (Maximum Team Size: 3). Upon registration, the RC FinTech team will reach out to you and provide log-in credentials to the Sandbox trading terminal.

Getting Started

1) Logging In For The First Time

You can access the Sandbox using the account credentials that were emailed to you. Your account credentials are the email you registered with and the password you received in our email to you. If you signed up as a team, you and your teammates each have separate login emails, but you have a common password.

If at any point in time you need to have your password changed, please contact us.

2) Submitting A Trade For The First Time

To submit your first trade, you will need the following pieces of information: the ticker of the stock you wish to buy, the number of shares you wish to purchase or short sell, the type or order and the time in force. You can find a full list of eligible tickers (i.e which stocks you can trade) here and refer to the documentation here for specifics regarding order types and time in force.

In general, you should know that:
Orders submitted during market hours are executed in real-time if they are marketable. All market data that is presented on the Sandbox is real-time (although you will need to refresh your screen to update the data). There are no commission or trading fees associated with order submission. Additionally, there is no interest earned on excess cash balances or owing to borrowed funds (margin). There are no restrictions in terms of order frequency and position sizing - you can submit as many orders as you want, and your position size in a particular equity is not restricted (aside from buying power considerations). There are no dividend payments in this RC Open simulation. For most trades, a market order type with a good until cancelled (gtc) time in force will be sufficient. These are mandatory fields that must be included. Upon submitting a trade, you must refresh the page in order for the position to be reflected in your Portfolio, assuming a complete or partial fill.

3) Performance Evaluation

Performance is calculated based on an equal-weight average of your Portfolio’s cumulative PnL and your Portfolio’s Sharpe Ratio. Note that the standings that are shown on the Sandbox site are incomplete - teams (or individuals) must excel in terms of both the Sharpe Ratio and Cumulative Profit and Loss.

1) Cumulative profit and loss (PnL) represent the difference between your current equity value less your initial equity value ($1M). It is a rough, brutish indicator of portfolio performance. You can calculate capital gains using cumulative PnL by the following equation:

Portfolio Returns Since Inception = (Cumulative PnL – Initial Equity / Initial Equity)

2) The Sharpe Ratio (a measure of risk-adjusted returns) is calculated on a 10-day, rolling basis, according to the following formula:

Sharpe = (Portfolio Returns Since Inception – Risk-Free Rate) / Standard Deviation of Returns

We make several assumptions when computing the Sharpe Ratio. First, we assume a hardcoded risk-free rate of 2%. Second, since the Sharpe ratio is calculated on a rolling basis (as opposed to a lookback basis) the standard deviation of returns is based on the past 10 full trading days (i.e first Sharpe calculation occurs after 10 full trading days, and recalculates every day thereafter).

4) Attend (or View) The Opening Ceremony & First Workshop

Our first workshop (Opening Ceremony and Sandbox Fundamentals) is to be held on Monday, August 3rd from 4PM to 6PM EST. You can join by clicking the Live Session button on the Workshop page. This workshop will provide an overview of the Sandbox and some tips & tricks which will help improve your trading performance on the platform. We will also be reviewing competition details and the performance evaluation techniques that we use to assess outstanding competitor portfolios. If you can’t attend this workshop or future workshops, a recorded version will be posted on the workshop page.

You can see a full list of upcoming workshops (to be held once a week) here. All recorded session videos are posted 24 hours after the scheduled presentation time.

4) Attend Your First Mentor Discussion

Mentor sessions will be held each week of the RC Open and participants should attend the session they were assigned to in their welcome email. These sessions allow incoming first-year students to connect with upper-year Rotman Commerce students to discuss all things related to the RC community (academics and extracurriculars) and to address any issues that you may be facing with the Sandbox platform.

If you filled out the mentor session sign up form, you will have received your assigned time-slot, the names of your mentors and the link to the join the weekly session in your welcome email. Mentor sessions will not be recorded.

That's it for now! We're excited to see how you and your teams develop your portfolios to navigate these turbulent and manic markets! And remember: If you don't know where to start, or if you're having any difficulties trading with our platform, we're here to help! Reach out to us by email, our website chat, or on our socials - we're ready to help!

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